Jesus Faith Christian Fellowship Church, Inc. (Imus Branch) a.k.a. Faith Center Imus, is a ministry founded on the principles of the Word of God. That was 2003 when Pastor Michael Bunye pastored FCI. with Pastora Me-Ann, his loving and ever-supportive wife. They faithfully led the congregation into another level of leadership and experience in Christ. For years, the Church experienced a great breakthrough. Teaching the people a balanced, biblical principles that empowers the Church into a rightful and victorious living in faith by God’s grace.

With honor, the leaders announced the passing of our dearly beloved Pastor, Rev. Michael Bunye last April 4, 2013 from his earthly life into eternity. Our mourning turned into joy knowing that he is now with the Father in heaven rejoicing with Jesus our Lord. We are very much thankful for his life and influence that brought the Church into another level and never the same again. His works, his deeds, his influence, his teachings still flows in the hearts of every member of FCI, his friends, co-pastors, relatives and friends. His legacy still flows, remembered and continued.

The church, JFCF Imus a.k.a. Faith Center Imus is now headed by Pastora Me-Ann Bunye, a pastor called by God, anointed, teacher of the word, leader, mentor, people lover, mother and friend. With all the member’s prayer and full support, the vision continues!

God’s grace is actively manifested in the life of the church that is bringing change in the lives of the members and the community. Growing in the knowledge of Christ’ finished work at the cross, His death and resurrection power that benefited every believer. It is the grace of God, His word and the anointing that makes the difference.

As of now, FCI Church is growing and fulfilling it’s calling by God’s grace through the ministry gift of Pastora Me-Ann Bunye. To God be the Glory!


Bringing the Love of God to the people through the unveiling of Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross!


Every believer is a leader! Reaching the Province of Cavite for the Lord with the initial 20,000 leaders which the Lord has promised us and which you and I are a part of.

Together we arise and build our new church facility for the factory of leaders who will shine for Jesus for the glory of God.


Loving GOD – Loving People

Bringing people closer to God, meeting their spiritual needs and helping them change their lives through the power of God’s word!

GOD is GOOD all the time!

God is good to you.
He loves you so much and has done everything for you.
He gave Jesus, and Jesus is not just with us but in us today. There’s no reason to fear.

We have a good life because we have a good God.
Be on the lookout for His goodness all the time.
He loves you, and loves to be good to you!
Expect to taste and see His goodness!
Life is good because God is good!

In Christ, in God’s Grace,

Life is abundant, to the full and it overflows!